Western Themed Weddings

Imagine the soft sand caressing your feet as you walk down the aisle, strewn with petals, to meet your soul mate under a canopy with delicate chiffon drapes and lillies. Your bridesmaids walking down the aisle to Pachelbel's Canon played by a string quartet. Western Weddings are all about class and grace, and call for romantic gestures of a dainty nature.

Goa was once called “Rome of The East” because it had so many churches and cathedrals in such a small radius. The wonders of the by-gone Portuguese era still stand to the day all across Goa. You could choose to have your wedding in one of these historic cathedrals or even have it at a quaint little chapel by the sea-shore. A well decorated church wedding with entrance arches, floral pews and a well decorated church altar add to the charm of these places and make for some memorable wedding photographs.

You could also choose to have your wedding ceremony at a beach, a waterfront or even a fort in Goa. Goa has a golden coastline with plenty of venues to choose from. The dream of walking down the aisle while the sun sets behind the sea and the sand kisses your feet can all come to life at your beach wedding in Goa. A beautifully decorated white canopy awaits you as your wedding celebrant would preside over your exchange of rings and vows.

Western wedding reception parties also have a taste and style of their own in comparison to Indian weddings. A special top table with a floral backdrop will be laid out for the bridal couple and their entourage. A bridal stage and backdrop could also be setup of for wedding group pictures. Your reception could also have a special theme. We have a number of western reception party themes to choose from. Some of the renowned ones are Shakespeare’s ‘The Mid-Summer Night’s Dream’, Walt Disney’s ‘Fairytale theme’, An Ancient City theme and many others.

We also have a number of party themes if you plan to organize any pre-wedding cocktail party or bachelor party in Goa. These include the ‘Mardi Gras’ theme, the Hawaiian beach theme and even the ‘Pirates of the Arabian’ cruise theme.

Fresh flowers and floral decor play a major part in western weddings. With a specialized wedding florist on board at Goa Wedding Decorators you can be assured of the best of flowers being used at your wedding. We can source any flower that you want from the world like tulips, banksias, chrysanthemums, wild orchids and oriental lilies.

Goa Wedding Decorators will help you create a perfectly designed and decorated wedding bringing out the sights and sounds of a western wedding while being in India.

We offer complete western wedding packages as well as bespoke wedding services. Contact Us for a unique wedding experience. today for new designs and quotations.
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